Here’s how Trudeau will step down in a week

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Do you pay taxes? Guess where it’s going?

You probably already knew, but illegal immigrants crossing into Canada from the United States receive your tax money.

Each illegal immigrant will receive $623 a month in cash, plus $1000’s of in-direct costs.

These hidden in-direct costs won’t be published by the mainstream media, these costs don’t have a number and can affect the Canadian economy greatly.

From permanent tents and police units sitting at the border to free housing supplied.

Your tax dollars go directly to illegal aliens taking advantage of Trudeau’s stupidity and causing theft.

If one taxpayer stopped paying taxes, they would probably end up in jail, but if 100,000 people stopped paying taxes, a difference would be made, and Justin Trudeau would be forced to step down.

And this could all happen within a week, it won’t take long.

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