Is Clinton Selling Haitian Refugees to Canada? Trudeau Bribes Clinton, Thousands Flock North

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Thousands of Hatian men, women, and children are streaming into Canada just after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took $20 million dollars from Canadian tax-payers to give to his friends Bill and Hillary Clinton. Interestingly, the Clinton family has just chosen to vacation close to where the refugees are being held this week. The Clinton Foundation conducted controversial ‘work’ in Haiti, with much suspected misconduct and exploitation being alleged by Haitians. This also comes after a series of ethical concerns around Trudeau. Weeks ago, opposition MP’s repeatedly asked prime minister Trudeau on to detail his interactions with the ethics commissioner, after the ethics commission launched an investigation into Trudeau’s trip to the Aga Khan’s private island.

Most of the Haitians currently moving into Canada are not being processed, and once women and children are smuggled into a country, they are more vulnerable to being trafficked and exploited within the country. Did Trudeau give the Clinton’s his $20 million dollar ‘donation’ to have them help facilitate a supply of new potential human trafficking victims from the Clintons?