Small Kid Harassed By Big Bully… Waits Until EXACTLY The Right Moment… BOOM!

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A big bully, presumably at a high school in an English-speaking country (the audio quality makes it hard to determine the precise accent) made a huge mistake when he decided to pick on a kid who appeared considerably smaller than him in size and stature.

A video of the altercation uploaded to YouTube four years ago showed the bully confronting his smaller opponent about something he said. Apparently, the littler fellow talked some trash about the bigger guy, so the bigger guy felt he had the right to harass him.

Wrong. No matter what people say, one never has the right to harass or attack them.

Sadly, the bully in our story had to learn this lesson the hard way.

“Aren’t you man enough to come up to me and say it to my face?” the bully kept saying as he pushed closer and closer to his intended victim.

After growing tired of being cornered and bullied, however, the smaller guy finally took some action by slamming his fist right into the bully’s face, causing him to tumble backwards like a felled tree.

Watch, though we must warn you that the video contains some GRAPHIC LANGUAGE:

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