Teacher forces student to remove a ‘MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN’ shirt because it’s like wearing a swastika to school

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A teacher at River Ridge High School in Woodstock, Georgia was caught on video telling students to remove their pro-Trump t-shirts because they are just like swastikas and the ‘MAGA’ slogan is used by neo-Nazi’s.

Turning Point USA exclusively obtained a video of a high school teacher forcing her students to remove their Trump t-shirts because the ‘make American great again’ slogan is used by white supremacists. WOW!

According to Turning Point USA, the high school teacher has been identified as Lyn Orletsky from River Ridge High School in Georgia.

The incident happened Thursday according to sources.

“Just like you cannot wear a Swastika to school, You cannot wear ‘make America great again’ like that. Please go, at least for this class. I don’t care what you do in other classes,” the teacher said to the students wearing the MAGA shirts.

“Wait so both of them have to like flip their shirts inside out because it says Trump on the top?, a student asked.

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