China SHOOTS DOWN missiles near North Korea border in provocative show of force against their ally

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CHINA has shot down missiles near the North Korean border in a provocative show of force against Kim Jong-un’s hermit kingdom.


North Korea was sent a direct message from Beijing yesterday in an explosive military drill near the border between the two states.

China’s air force carried out exercises near the peninsula, practising to defend against a “surprise attack” – presumably from their erratic neighbours.

Chinese state-run media, which effectively acts as ay propaganda wing for leader Xi Jingping’s government, said the drills took place early yesterday.

They said the provocative drills took place near the Bohai Sea, the innermost gulf of the Yellow Sea which separates China from the Korean peninsula.


Troops travelled to the site from central China before immediately beginning drills to fend off the “surprise attack” simulating real battle.

Chinese press boasted: “The troops rapid response capabilities and actual combat levels have effectively been tested.”

They also said new weapons, used to shoot down airborne missiles, were successfully tested for the first time.

The exercise came days after North Korea carried out its sixth and largest nuclear test of an advanced hydrogen bomb.

US president Donald Trump warned military action is “not a first choice” but added ominously “we’ll see what happens”.

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