Georgia Mosque KEEPS Hurricane Harvey donations, will send to Syrian refugees instead

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A mosque in Georgia is under fire after they solicited donations
allegedly for victims of Hurricane Harvey but decided to keep them and send them to a different kind of refugee instead.

“Because Donald Trump will not let victims of war and crime seek
solitude in the United States, we can not in good conscience help his people when so many Muslims can not find shelter,” said Imam Sharaj Alkalb of the Ramazala Mosque in Peachton. “Allah has told us that we must consider where the need is greater and respond to it.”

The mosque recently made headlines for its “Good work” in the community. According to news reports at the time, the mosque had raised more than $340,000 in cash and supplies “for the victims of Hurricane Harvey.” All of that will now be sent overseas to Syria to “help” people in refugee camps, which have been repeatedly identified as breeding grounds for ISIS recruitment.

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