REVENGE: Czech Man Protests Grocery Chain’s Removal of Christian Crosses as to not Insult Muslims, by Going Shopping With Giant Crucifix

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Supermarket Giant, Lidl, Faces Backlash and Customer Boycott for Editing Iconic Crosses from Range of Food Packaging.

Only days after breaking, the story of Lidl and the missing crosses has gone viral and is provoking a backlash against the European supermarket giant which erased the Christian symbol from packaging to ‘’remain neutral’’ on religious matters.

For those that missed it, the controversy erupted over packaging for a range of Greek food products, featuring images of an iconic blue-domed church from the island of Santorini – minus its white crosses which had been edited out of the picture.

In protest, a Czech man, Martin Zapletal, embarked on a tour of his home town’s three Lidl stores, dressed as a medieval Penitent and carrying a 3-foot-tall wooden crucifix.

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