Linda Sarsour: “If I want to say ‘I’m Black,’ I’m Black!”

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In the wake of being exposed as calling herself “white” without a hijab and a “person of color” with a hijab, Linda Sarsour has doubled down, saying, “I’m Palestinian, if I want to say ‘I’m Black,’ – I’m Black!,” thereby illustrating the Left’s firm commitment to fantasy over reality. Linda will tell you that Islam is a religion of peace, too.

“Sarsour Claims, ‘If I Want To Say I’m Black, I’m Black,’” by Hank Berrien, Daily Wire, September 8, 2017 (thanks to the Geller Report):

Leftist icon Linda Sarsour proved that when it comes to looking to advance her career, she’s as opportunistic as they come, as she can, chameleon-like, simply change the color of her skin at will so she can identify as whatever oppressed group fits her fancy.

There was a time when Sarsour claimed she was white:

But that apparently wasn’t enough for her to launch her rise among leftists; she had to widen her range:

Sarsour’s here today, gone tomorrow approach to reality is endemic among those on the Left, for whom “self-identification” trumps biological reality (gender theory, anyone?) or the truth about one’s ancestry. The idea for many on the Left is that by identifying with a supposedly-oppressed group one can claim they share that group’s experiences (see, e.g., Rachel Dolezal)….