Marine Booted from East Lansing Farmer’s Market for Expressing His Christian Religious Beliefs on Facebook

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Steve Tennes is a former Marine and owner of the Country Mill in Michigan.

In December Steve published a Facebook post on his Catholic beliefs including his beliefs in traditional marriage.

Last week Steve was told he could no longer participate in the East Lansing farmers market because of his religious beliefs.

The Detroit News reported:

When East Lansing officials told Steve Tennes he was no longer welcome to sell his apples and doughnuts at the city-run farmers market, he couldn’t believe it.

All it took to earn the government’s wrath was penning a social media post about his faith.

Last December, Tennes, who owns the Country Mill Orchard and Cider Mill in Charlotte, wrote a Facebook post explaining his family’s Catholic views on marriage, and how their deeply held beliefs are why his farm won’t host same-sex weddings.

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