Pakistani Muslim fathers and uncles tie an 18 year old boy and 16 year old girl to a bed and electrocute them to death in savage honor killing after they eloped

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A man around 18-years-old and a girl aged 15 or 16 were electrocuted to death by their uncles and fathers in the city of Karachi

Relatives responsible for their killings have been arrested although the tribal leader who ordered their deaths remains at large

Family tried to secretly bury the bodies, and police confirmed a number of raids have been carried out to find the leader

By Charlie Bayliss

Police in Pakistan are hunting for a tribal elder who sanctioned the brutal ‘honour killing’ by electrocution of a teenage couple who eloped together.

The families of the couple, from the Pashtun ethnic group which live in the city of Karachi, asked the elder to punish the pair after they ran away without permission.
They were coaxed back to the city by the young man’s family on the promise that they would be married – yet were tied to a bed and electrocuted by their own family members after an order from the influential tribal jirga.

Police say the young man was around 18 years old, with the girl just 15 or 16 years old. Both were secretly buried by their families in a desperate attempt to hide their crimes.

Police officer Amanullah Marwat said: ‘The (jirga) decided that the girl would be electrocuted by her own father and uncle and the boy by his father and uncle.’
The relatives responsible for the killings have been charged with murder, yet the leader of the jirga who ordered their brutal deaths has not been captured.
Marwat added: ‘We are raiding different places to arrest him.’

Jirgas are well respected in rural communities and often rule on communal disputes, yet such cases are rare in cities.

In Pakistan, hundreds of women are killed by relatives each year in honour killings, where they are said to have bought shame on the family.

The culprits, usually men, could escape punishment under old legislation if pardoned by another family member.

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