Chelsea Clinton: So What If My Dad Allegedly Raped Someone, Republicans Use “Hate Speech”

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On Sunday, in an interview with the liberal-cesspool that poses as a woman’s magazine, Cosmopolitan, Chelsea Clinton consummated her position as a Clinton attack-dog by throwing every name in the leftist playbook at Republican presidential candidates while whitewashing her father’s sexual transgressions, which include alleged rape.

When Chelsea, 35, was specifically asked what she thought about Donald Trump calling her father “an abuser of women” and her mother “his enabler,” she declared that the “misogyny and sexism and racism and Islamophobia and jingoism and homophobia and anti-immigrant rhetoric” and “hate speech” coming from Republicans is “far more troubling.”

“I find what Donald Trump — and many of the Republicans, because it’s not only Mr. Trump — say about Americans far more troubling than what he says about my parents. And people have been attacking my parents my whole life, so maybe I am just inured to that, but I tend to think that people who are at the forefront of progress do attract more negative attention from those who want to protect the status quo,” stated the former first daughter.

Chelsea added that Republicans are using rhetoric which is sexist, misogynistic, racist, Islamophobic, homophobic and anti-immigrant; calling such behavior “disturbing” and “un-American.”

“But what I have found surprising and really disturbing in this election cycle is the broad-based misogyny and sexism and racism and Islamophobia and jingoism and homophobia and anti-immigrant rhetoric,” she continued. “All of that is coming out from the Republican side. That somehow has become normalized because it’s now just so common, not only [for] Mr. Trump, but for other candidates to say things that I think are so fundamentally un-American.”

Chelsea then lamented the call to fix our porous borders by Republican candidates by framing such a position as discriminatory, “perverse” and “troubling.”

“To call into the question the right of any person who has chosen to come to our country with the intent of working hard and making a contribution and wants a chance at the American Dream, to somehow say that that person disqualifies from being here because of the country they come from, their sexual orientation, or the religion they adhere to — that’s what I find far more troubling, and I find that troubling because that

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