SODOM AND GEMORRAH: Liberals Rejoice! Womb Transplants For Men On The Horizon

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By Howard Portnoy

Alert readers who speak Social Justice Warriorese will have noted an error in the title. It is not “men” who will soon be able to give birth — and, if desired, get abortions — but trans women: Humans who were born as males and now identify as females.

Having cleared that up, the Daily Mail has the particulars:

The success of womb transplants into women has paved the way for a similar operation being carried out on people born male.

Dr Richard Paulson said that now wombs have been successfully transplanted into women born without them, ‘trans women’ – people born biologically male but who have had sex change surgery – will also want a womb transplant.

This would allow them to carry a baby – and there was no scientific reason why it would not happen, he added.

If there is any good (sane?) news in the report it is Paulson’s caveat that womb transplantation is “still a very complicated procedure” that requires a “huge team, it’s not something somebody can do in a community hospital and just get it done.’”

There’s also the matter of procuring a uterus. Since medical science has not yet advanced to the stage of perfecting an artificial uterus, the would-be mother(?) would need to acquire an extant uterus from a living or brain-dead donor.