Lena Dunham Suggests ‘Traumatized’ Feminists Should File Class Action Lawsuit Against Trump

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It’s been nearly a year since Lena Dunham took to the desert mesas of Sedona, Arizona for a “spiritual journey” in order to recover from Hillary Clinton’s loss. But according to her Twitter account, she’s still suffering from some residual “emotional distress” after Donald Trump’s election — and she’s finally ready to take action.

In a hyperbolic Tweet posted Saturday, Dunham suggested that feminists and other assorted leftists should join together in a “class action lawsuit” and sue Donald Trump for intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Because nothing says self-reliant, empowered, modern female like “mass torts litigation.”

Lena was, of course, joking; there’s little chance a lawsuit of that nature would succeed, even if class action lawyers forum shopped their way into a friendly judge. Emotional distress is difficult to prove, after all, and typically such claims come attendant to a more specific harm — like assault, battery, or murder of a close friend or family member. Feeling a little queasy during daily press conferences and having a “general sense of unease” at the possible, yet unlikely, reality of The Handmaids Tale doesn’t really count.

But that didn’t stop other feminists on Twitter from taking Lena very seriously. It turns out, there are real people out there who are on anti-depressants and in almost-daily therapy because Donald Trump happens to be president.

Others “experts” in international law suggested they take Trump to the International Criminal Court.

The good news is, some have found ways to handle their problems without resorting to the legal system — like art therapy.