Germany: Munich Christmas market advert features burqa-clad snowman

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Something strange is happening with Christmas markets all over Western Europe. We are not talking about the fact that almost all markets now need to be protected by concrete barriers and heavily armed police teams, but about something different.

There’s a structural change in how Christmas markets are presented and sometimes even cancelled, for strange reasons. Earlier we reported about a Christmas market in Paris, that suddenly “was not good enough” and needed to be “modernised”.

And the story continues with Christmas markets in Amsterdam, Brussels and London being called things like: winter market, winter fun or winter ville. Especially the name Christmas is not used and the symbols of Christianity are disappearing almost everywhere in the Western part of Europe. This is a process of at least 10 years, but nobody can deny that it is taking place.

In Munich (Germany) this process is taking place faster than the speed of light. We received some pictures of a Christmas market advertisement with snowmen wearing a burqa and headscarf. Of course Islam has nothing to do with Christmas and the choice is very strange but even more important: Is the oppression of women really a good marketing instrument?

The same sort of question is being asked by a German member of the populist AfD party. Chairman of the Bayern region Petr Bystron asks on Facebook: “A burqa snowman as a symbol of tolerance?”

And the cynical text on the Party’s self made poster is:

“Burqa and headscarf as symbols of tolerance? Is the German snowman gone working?”