Trudeau blames Harper for 60 ISIS Fighters in Canada

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When Justin Trudeau was swarmed the other day on Toronto a woman shouted at him and asked him about the 60 returned jihadists roaming about in Canada.

Trudeau apparently winked and said “they came under Harper”

From Toronto Sun:

In a video posted to social media, the woman shouts her concerns at Trudeau. The PM rather surprisingly turns away from his fans and, without breaking a smile and bordering on a wink, tells her: “They came under Harper.”

Is this true? Yes, when it comes to the 60 count. But as I wrote in a recent column, Goodale in his very statement referenced CSIS testimony that he admitted was many months old – over two years old in fact. Goodale’s office insists the numbers remain the same but a 2017 public threat report expected in the coming weeks will be the true test.

That original 60 number comes from the December 2015 year-end numbers. While a handful of these 60 may have possibly come in after November 4 – when Trudeau became PM – most of them surely came in under Harper’s watch.

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