Iceland: Muslim migrant charged with brutal murder of woman who rejected his advances

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Just yesterday, Muslim supremacists held a protest in New York City against President Trump’s national security travel policy. Pamela Hall will publish exclusive coverage here today or tomorrow. It was led by the notorious Debbie Almontaser (the ‘intifada’ principal who was fired from first failed Arabic public school in New York). Almontaser viciously attack President Trump because he was keeping Yemenis from immigrating to the USA, Yemenis like this murderer. But the worst of it was the presence of NYC politicians at the rally. Our politicians are on the side of the enemies of freedom and our very way of life.

The attacker and victim knew each other. Sanita’s friends and family have rejected initial reports of the relationship, which described it as “personal”. They say Sanita had met the attacker online, where the two chatted a few times before meeting once. She didn’t like the man, and refused to see him again, which in turn “enraged” him. The attacker had been stalking Sanita for a while after he burst into her apartment on Thursday evening September 21, attacking her. He was arrested at the scene, covered in blood, only wearing his underwear.

About this victim: Sanita Brauna worked in a nursing home for a housekeeping company. She has recently started teaching at RTTEMA (The Riga Teacher Training and Educational Management Academy).

The neighbors have described Sanitas as very quiet and courteous nor has there ever been any quarrels or other noises coming from her apartment ever before her murder.

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