Muslim Social Media Users Debate Whether Christmas Greetings Are Allowed Under Islam

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TEL AVIV — Arab social media users have been posting thoughts on the question of whether Muslims are allowed to wish Christians a merry Christmas during the holiday season.

An especially popular hashtag has been “#christmas_greeting,” with Hazaa Bin Zayed, a member of the United Arab Emirates royal family, posting a Christmas greeting, which ignited a heated debate online.

Fahed Mahmoud, a social media user who is also from the Emirates, wasn’t happy with the Christmas greeting and wrote, “If this despicable man is prepared to spread abomination among his people, if he’s prepared to anger his God and his religion and sends greetings to the infidels on their holiday and to their infidel cult, a cult in which they curse Allah, praised be his name, because they are actually celebrating the birth of God’s son, so it crosses all lines and becomes bad and dangerous.”

One of the most prominent responses was from Waseem Yosef, a well-known preacher, who attacked Fahed Mahmoud, writing, “You are in a country that has a minister of tolerance, a country that has a law against discrimination and hate; you are in a country that prefers and calls for mutual existence and peace. I expect those responsible to use the law against discrimination and hate against these people.”

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