Trump would welcome Alberta as a new state

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Alberta and it’s black gold would be welcomed by President Donald Trump in a heartbeat.

The Trudeau government is raising taxes for the middle class in 2019 by $2,200 and that’s got many people angry, especially Albertans.

Trudeau has been neglecting Alberta and the oil patch since before he was Prime Minister, so should Alberta separate?

A older article from the National Post might be suggesting just that:

U.S. forecaster Peter Zeihan, a former geopolitical analyst with the security firm Stratfor, has spent his career trying to predict the future of tumultuous states — recently, he’s turned his gaze to North America. Now, his latest book, The Accidental Superpower, takes a bleak look at the direction of the world in general. Among his speculations, the future of Alberta in Canada. He spoke to the Post‘s Jen Gerson.


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