Putin issues veiled threat to the United States

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Russia has never interfered in US internal affairs and is not planning to do so, Russian President Vladimir Putin said. He added that it is the US that “interferes everywhere” and should expect reciprocal action.

Putin’s hostile declaration is a warning to the U.S. This could spell further trouble for Trump, amid unscrupulous attempts to undermine Trump, have him removed from office, make him appear unfit and mentally unstable. 

Russia has opposed Trump’s declaration of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. It has exhibited underhanded attempts to weaken the state of Israel in its partnership with Iran and Syria, even refusing to back efforts to “prevent Iranian-backed fighters from operating in the Syrian Golan Heights close to the Israeli border.” Russia also supported the Iranian deal that saw over 100 billion dollars flow into the coffers of Iran to continue its funding of jihad terror.

Although the Russia-Iran alliance is not without problems, Russia and Iran have been engaged in an “unprecedented cooperation. Never in 500 years has the leadership of the two countries been so close.”

Notice that Putin has not itemized exactly how America is interfering, forgetting that it is the right of the United States to monitor activities within its own country, protect its borders, pull funding from problematic states and also to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the Israel.

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