Closing Calgary restaurant and 26 lay offs prove Rachel Notley is a sh*thole

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Why did Donald Trump call some countries sh*tholes? Maybe he referred to countries poverty issues, just like the poverty issues that are being created daily in Alberta, and across Canada.

The owner of a popular restaurant in Calgary is forced to lay off 26 people close their doors thanks to Alberta premier Rachel Notley.

Via the Calgary Sun:

The owner of the latest in a string of high-profile Calgary-area restaurants to close is laying the blame for its demise squarely on labour and tax policies of the NDP provincial government.

After 14 years of operating just west of the city limits, the high-end Bear’s Den will shut its doors at the end of the month, said owner Scott Winograd.

He said it comes at a time when things were looking up after some leaner, recession-plagued years.

“We were just turning a corner . . . we had a really good Christmas, we’d seen the bottom and I was booking for February and March,” said Winograd.

But he said expenses passed on by suppliers stung by a hike to the carbon tax, combined with increases to the minimum wage and new rules forcing businesses to pay statutory holiday rates even when closed were too much for the Bear’s Den to sustain.

“Some people say ‘you can’t blame it on the NDP’ but I think you can, I think it’s time to,” he said.

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