L’Oreal To Feature Hijab-Wearing Model To Promote Hair Products. Yes, Really

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L’Oreal has unveiled a new addition to their hair campaign.

Blogger and model Amena Khan, who wears a hijab, is to promote the Elvive Nutri-Gloss shampoo.

Stop laughing.

L’Oreal is now the first major international brand to cast a hijab-wearing woman in a hair campaign, and we can’t imagine why this didn’t happen sooner.

Amena Khan announced the collaboration on her Instagram, in which she says, “Lately I’ve had a complex relationship with my hair feeling lacklustre.”

But I suppose we will have to take her word for it:

Speaking to Vogue, Amena said,

How many brands are doing things like this? Not many. They’re literally putting a girl in a headscarf – whose hair you can’t see – in a hair campaign. Because what they’re really valuing through the campaign is the voices that we have,[…] You have to wonder – why is it presumed that women that don’t show their hair don’t look after it? The opposite of that would be that everyone that does show their hair only looks after it for the sake of showing it to others. And that mindset strips us of our autonomy and our sense of independence.


Hair is a big part of self-care.

The decision has faced some mockery and derision.

Prominent twitter users have pointed out that Iranian feminists are currently protesting and renouncing the hijab, which is used as a symbol of oppression in Iran, and that this is a virtue-signaling display of tokenism ignorant of real world issues.


The hijab, a symbol of female oppression, currently being mass protested in Iran, is being used by L’oreal to advertise hair products, when you can’t even see the hair and this is being celebrated by HuffPost, who, when I last checked, were against women being oppressed……. https://t.co/Jx9Ck52YKG


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