Muslim man kidnaps and brutally rapes a 7 year-old girl in Pakistan, yet no one anywhere seems to care

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The brutal rape and killing of Zainab Ansari, a seven-year-old girl whose body was left in a garbage dump, has unleashed a wave of revulsion around Pakistan, revealing a string of child abductions and killings by a suspected serial predator and generating outrage at a culture of silence surrounding sexual abuse.

The article below compares the Pakistani outrage over the brutality against Zainab Ansari to the #Metoo movement. There is no comparison between the two. Extreme violence and sexual assault in many Islamic countries (Pakistan in this case) is systemic and widely tolerated.

Zainab was the twelfth such child victim, despite the article below reporting that there have been eight. “Eleven cases of a similar nature were recorded in the same neighbourhood during the past year. Eman Fatma, 4; Fauzia, 11; Noor Fatma, 7; Ayesha Asif, 5; Laiba, 9; Sana Omar, 7; and Kainat Batool, 8, were among the victims.”

Sex abuse is a “tradition” in Pakistan, and sadly, the disturbing silence “when a little girl gets raped…has to do with the honour of family. Parents tell their daughters: ‘Don’t talk about it. Don’t tell anyone.’ Our silence is saying it is all right to sexually molest a child.”

All the while, certain Muslim lobbies connected to the Muslim Brotherhood try to mask cultures of misogyny that protect the perpetrators of honour violence; while demanding silence from victims.

In Pakistan, violent sex abuse — even by clerics — is prevalent in villages, cities and in madrassas.

Between “masculine honor and religious norms,” both “combine to subjugate women in the Islamic country.”

An Associated Press investigation was also reported in the The Hindu publication that Islamic schools were “infested with sexual abuse,” and little to nothing was being done about it. since everyone was “so afraid of the mullahs”.

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