Charges Keep Piling Up For Former Haqqani Hostage Joshua Boyle

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Criminal charges keep coming for the former hostage released from the grip of Taliban-affiliated forces last October. Joshua Boyle who, along with his American wife Caitlan Coleman, spent five years in Afghanistan and Pakistan as a prisoner, now faces 19 charges — all stemming from accusations leveled since Boyle returned to Canada.

Boyle has spent most of January in jail and will now be sent to a mental hospital in Brockville, Ontario for a full psychiatric assessment lasting 60 days. The defense requested the examination Friday and the Crown had no objections.

“He’s been through five years as a hostage and it should be no surprise to anybody that … as a result of that, it’s affected his mental health,” Boyle’s principal lawyer, Lawrence Greenspon told reporters Friday. Greenspon is a noted Ottawa lawyer who is often associated with high-profile cases.

Boyle was originally charged with 15 counts relating to assault, sexual assault, administering a noxious substance and forcible confinement.

The Crown decided to withdraw those charges on Friday and issued 19 new ones that include sexual assault with a rope, sexual assault, nine counts of assault, assault with a broomstick and three counts of unlawful confinement.

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