Trudeau protects Liberal sex creep. Says he needs “privacy”

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When someone from the opposition gets accused of sexual harassment, Trudeau goes nuts, but when it’s someone in his party, he becomes very protective.

Kent Hehr stepped down from the party after allegations against him, and Trudeau says he needs privacy.

Via CTV:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says confidentiality will be a factor in deciding whether to release the findings of an investigation into allegations of misconduct levelled against Liberal MP Kent Hehr.

When asked today whether the results of the probe will be made public, Trudeau was non-committal, saying each case must be handled differently.

He says that while confidentiality is important in some circumstances, it may not be as important in others.

“Every situation has multiple factors that we look into. Confidentiality is important in some cases, less so in others,” Trudeau said as he entered the weekly Liberal caucus meeting in Ottawa.

“So we’re going to do what is right and what is reasonable in every step.

“I think people need to know that we take these allegations very seriously and that we follow through investigations in the right way.”

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