Arabic on lunch menus come to Red Deer School

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Are your kids going to be excited to order lunch in Arabic writing? Well now they can, in Red Deer.

Via the Red Deer Advocate:

Lunch menus at Fairview Elementary School are now bilingual — English and Arabic.

The recent move by the school was an effort to reach out to the school’s diverse community.

Nearly half of the students at the school in Riverside Meadows are English as a Second Language learners.

Among the 113 ESL students, 20 different languages are spoken with Arabic the second most common after English. The menu is being translated into five languages to respond to the needs of all families.

In a statement posted to the Red Deer Public School District’s website said, the district is a welcoming and inclusive district that is open to all students regardless of abilities, disabilities, culture or faith.

“As such, we welcome families who are new to our country, providing them with quality education. Many of these families have fled terrible situations because not only do they want to better their lives, they seek a better future for their children. So they come to Canada as settlers, as have the ancestors of many Canadians.”

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