Trudeau’s refugees receiving full benefits, free food and housing demand more and complain daily

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A user on Reddit posted the following message.

The headlines reads: My wife works for a hotel that houses Syrian refugees. They are disrespectful, entitled, and flat-out unbearable.

The follow to the headline may shock you (graphic language)

  • Repeated complaints about the loudness of the children from other hotel guests. And the loudness of the family themselves.
  • Disregard for other hotel guests by taking communal food items (i.e. taking entire trays of the free breakfast food to their rooms, and then cleaners finding most of it unfinished. Continued to do this despite requests not to).
  • Kids running rampant and causing complete messes throughout the hotel with zero accountability from the parents
  • Multiple families themselves repeated aggressive complaining and rude demanding that they need a bigger room despite some having almost 1000sqft paid for by the taxpayer (bigger than our condo!)
  • Refusal to clean up or dispose of garbage properly. Throwing tantrums when the cleaning staff won’t clean their room more than once a day (as if they don’t have a ton of other rooms to get to)
  • Entitled and disgusting attitudes toward all hotel staff whether it be cleaners, front desk staff or the general managers the majority of times they interact

The most recent example last night: one of the mothers approached the front desk of the hotel, interrupting the woman behind the desk who was in mid-conversation with someone and demanded the front desk staff drop what they were doing and print out some forms she requested. She proceeded to flip out when they asked her politely to wait.

On more than one occasion my wife comes home frustrated or upset because these assholes have yelled and screamed and spoken rudely to her and the staff, requiring the general manager and assistant GM to stop what they’re doing and deal with the childish outburst.

Those people have been staying there for months. They live completely on taxpayer dollar. They get free healthcare, food, shelter, safety, and respect (god knows why) from other Canadians.

Yet, they are snobbish, rude, condescending, and most of all ENTITLED.

Why the fuck do they treat Canadians people so poorly? Why the fuck are most Canadians so kind and nice to them, granting them respect when they haven’t earned respect? Why the fuck are we spending our tax dollars on them and not our own citizens? Why the fuck DON’T they act thankful, grateful, happy, kind or generous? Why the fuck are we letting these people in?