Trudeau Just Threatened Every Canadian

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Justin Trudeau just made a bold move towards NAFTA, a decision that not only threatened Canadians, but the future of Canada.

Trudeau said he is ready to give up on NAFTA and walk away, he won’t be agreeing to any old deal.

Via the FP:

“We aren’t going to take any old deal,” Trudeau said Friday at a town hall in Nanaimo, British Columbia. “Canada is willing to walk away from NAFTA if the United States proposes a bad deal. We won’t be pushed around.”

His comments come days after U.S. President Donald Trump threatened to get tough on trade, though he didn’t single out NAFTA, in his State of the Union address. The latest round of NAFTA talks wrapped up in Montreal on Monday, with all sides saying there had been progress, while acknowledging significant gaps remain on some issues.

Trudeau’s business decisions on behalf of Canada will never match Trump’s business decisions deals, the Prime Minister should think of accepting advice on the matter, read the full story here.