Alberta should ban Vancouver Canucks until Pipelines are built

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The pipeline battle continues.

What will it take to get BC to agree with Alberta to have Pipelines built? Is Rachel Notley doing enough?

Notley setup a online petition begging the BC government to allow Kinder Morgan to proceed with construction, but will it help? A lousy petition?

How about ban the Vancouver Canucks from coming to Alberta to play Calgary or Edmonton, legally Notley could do this.

Via The National Post:

If things get truly ridiculous, Alberta could unilaterally shut down everything

There is a 1921 Supreme Court case that is pretty clear about provinces not being allowed to set up their own customs checkpoints. However, Alberta can do whatever it wants until Ottawa or a court gets around to deeming it unlawful. Wild Rose country, in fact, already has an established tradition of passing wildly unconstitutional laws. In the 1930s, the Social Credit government of Bill Aberhart tried to nationalize banks, censor the press and have their opponents killed. Ottawa quickly slapped down the crazier measures, but not before they were briefly the law of the land. Similarly, if it didn’t mind flouting the constitution, the government of Rachel Notley could completely seal the borders with police patrols, blockade the airports, shut off gas exports, ban radio plays of Chilliwack and forbid the Vancouver Canucks from playing in Calgary or Edmonton.

So… Good or bad idea?