Trump Jr gets more attention than Justin Trudeau on trip to India

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Justin Trudeau is what people call a nothing burger on the world stage.

The liberal Prime Minister is turning Canada into a poverty and India wants nothing to do with it.

Via The Times:

The visit by President Trump’s son to India was heralded by a blanket advertising campaign in the local press and eager investors bidding tens of thousands of pounds for an audience at dinner. By stark contrast, Justin Trudeau, the Canadian prime minister, was met at the airport by a lone junior minister.

Donald Trump Jr’s trip is intended to promote a Trump Towers high-rise development near Delhi and has moved Narendra Modi to clear time in his diary to meet the scion of America’s first family.

Newspapers have run breathless, full-page advertisements asking, “Trump is here — are you invited?” Potential buyers have shelled out almost £30,000 for dinner and a chat with the president’s son. Controversially, Mr Trump Jr will make a foreign policy speech…

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