This childish pipeline fight is leaving people homeless

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I’ve worked pipeline for the last four years and used the money to survive, the Kinder Morgan pipeline was supposed to start construction 5 months ago, but now there’s stupid fights between Alberta and BC political parties, who have the same policies, killing jobs.

First there was a petition, then there was a win ban, now the wine ban has been suspended due to oil ban by BC, it’s back and forth.

Via CTV:

The Alberta government accepted an olive branch from British Columbia and suspended its ban on the province’s wine Thursday in a dispute over the Trans Mountain pipeline.

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley took the step after B.C.’s John Horgan said his government will ask the courts if it has the right to protect its environment by restricting diluted bitumen shipments through the province.

“I think it is fair to say that in a small way today B.C. blinked,” Notley told reporters at the legislature in Edmonton.

“B.C. is stepping back from the brink and abiding by the law, and this is a good thing.”

Horgan said his government is filing a constitutional reference case on the issue, which has been at the centre of the heated trade war between B.C. and Alberta. In the meantime, B.C. will not proceed with proposed regulatory restrictions on the increase of diluted bitumen transportation.

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For me? I have stopped relying on the pipeline to start work, I’ve started a new job, but question remains, how many people are homeless because of the delay?