Brad Wall slams Trudeau and Notley, says fiscal plan is based on rainbows and unicorns

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Former Saskatchewan premier Brad Wall had some strong words for Justin Trudeau and Rachel Notley.

Wall talked to a sold out crowd in Calgary yesterday and he said Trudeau and Notley are the new Left.

“We’re going to punish ourselves because we’ve got oil and gas and that’s going to change the minds of people who don’t like oil and gas. I just disagreed from the beginning,” says Wall.

In his speech to the suits, Wall is direct. He’s serving the red meat on this lunch menu.

“The New Left, no matter what they say, they’re not real comfortable with what you do,” he tells the crowd.

Wall says what he calls the New Left are the likes of today’s NDP and the Trudeau version of the Liberals.

“If someone doesn’t like the oil and gas sector the fact you implement a carbon tax is not going to change that person’s opinion.”

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