Trudeau gets fooled by foreign radicals costing Canada $15 billion this year alone

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Foreign radicals are funding blockage to build the Kinder Morgan pipeline.

People need money to protest, and in the Kinder Morgan case protesters are funded by foreigners according to a new report.

These radicals have completely fooled Justin Trudeau, Rachel Notley, it’s not the government blocking the pipeline directly, it’s the people fuelling the government.

Via the Financial Post:

This is not the only U.S. organization devoted to blocking development of Canada’s oil and gas reserves that, incidentally, would compete with America’s own resources. Vivian Krause, a Vancouver-based researcher and writer, has documented the money funnelled through Tides Foundation, New Venture Fund and the Oak Foundation to impede Canadian hydrocarbon growth, especially the oil sands.

These organizations are bolstered by a coterie of narcissistic celebrities whose vacuous certainty is outdone by their ignorance of science and economics and their extravagant carbon-intensive lifestyles.

All this brings to mind when, as minister of natural resources, I wrote an open letter labelling certain environmental groups as “radicals,” financed in part by non-Canadian donors. The derisive outcry was deafening from media, opposition parties, ENGOs and even a few timorous senior executives in the oil and gas business.

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