Trudeau polls are sinking faster than a small rock

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Justin Trudeau’s India trip may have been his costliest trip ever, not only to taxpayers, but also to his polls and support.

Via Macleans:

In the latest edition of Abacus Data’s regular survey, 36 per cent of committed voters said they’d mark the box beside by their local Liberal candidate if e-day were tomorrow, down three percentage points from January. And the prime minister’s personal popularity has fallen even further, with his positive and negative ratings within the margin of error for the first time since the 2015 election that swept him into office.

Abacaus CEO David Coletto says this marks a turn for Trudeau, who has been the Liberals’ strongest asset for two-and-a-half years. “He’s been almost, in a way, Teflon,” Coletto said. “Many events that pundits have said would bring him down hadn’t hurt him.”

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