CNN says Trump dare not visit Ottawa

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CNN got involved with the headed debate between Justin Trudeau and Donald Trump.

How Justin Trudeau copes with Trump lies (reads their headline)

CNN says [Trump] “he dare not visit Ottawa”

“With every move, differences between the two countries sharpen and tensions rise. No wonder Trump — unlike Obama, who was beloved here — is so unpopular in Canada that he dare not visit Ottawa, traditionally a new President’s first foreign trip.”

For Trudeau, whom Trump calls “a nice, good-looking guy,” managing the President is a daily challenge.
To do this, Canada has assembled a seasoned team of NAFTA negotiators; created a war room in Ottawa; and made saving NAFTA a bipartisan cause, enlisting the help of the opposition Conservatives and former Conservative prime minister Brian Mulroney.
Most of all, Trudeau has imposed an iron discipline on the government, which means forbidding cabinet ministers or any senior officials from responding to Trump’s taunts or provocative tweets. So, when Trump made his comments yesterday, the prime minister was silent, on vacation. The minister of foreign affairs sent out her press secretary, who made an innocuous statement.
Canada knows better. It may not get its way with a mercurial, dissembling President, but it is firm, clear and unfazed, its eyes on the prize.
CNN is the propaganda machine that drive CBC, paid for by taxpayers.