Trump Whips Biden Like A Schoolboy On Social Media

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Current United States President Donald J. Trump is a man of many hats – and not just the so, so true, bright red, liberal-tear-creating “Make America Great Again” hat.

Mr. Trump hasn’t taken that proverbial hat off since his swearing-in, back when he took the reigns over from the Dems 14 amazing months ago!

But seriously, President Trump wore the schoolyard bully hat this morning after former Vice President – remember, this was under the Barack HUSSEIN Obama administration that stripped our country of its hard-working values so thoroughly – Joe Biden took shots at him on Twitter.

President Donald J. Trump called Joe Biden out with the true statement that “he is weak, both mentally and physically … and yet he threatens me … with physical assault,” shared the most successful, business-oriented United States President this morning at 5:19 a.m. Eastern Time.

No longer than 72 hours ago, far-left liberal Joe Biden was at a University of Miami rally for college Dems, falsely claiming, “I’d take him behind the gym and beat the hell out of him.”

Trump also said at a Gridiron Club meeting, “Trust me, I would kick his ass. Boy, would he be easy.” Come try, Biden, if you’re ready to pour gallons of far-left-liberal tears afterwards.