Trudeau’s advice to Putin backfires, Russia is pissed off

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Has Justin Trudeau ever given good advice? He gives advice known to the world as peoplekind, so what good advice could he give to Russia?

A week after Vladimir Putin won his fourth term is President, Trudeau said he wants to see Putin do a better job.

“Whether it’s pulling back of his engagement in the Donbass or leaving Crimea,” the prime minister said, “whether it’s taking responsibility for . . . the important questions that the U.K. has asked after the terrible poisoning incident a few weeks ago in Salisbury, whether it’s questions around NATO, questions around Syria, questions around the Arctic.”

The Russian embassy fired back on Twitter:

“We regret PM Trudeau’s confrontational rhetoric at yesterday’s Toronto press-conference prompted by UK slanderous Russophobic hysteria,” said Thursday’s tweet.

“This language of ultimatums is totally unacceptable & counterproductive, especially for bilateral dialogue on important issues, like the Arctic.”

Now Trudeau sits at home with his tail between his legs.

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