Trudeau to ban pet names, says they should be named “petkind”

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In a crazy turn of events Justin Trudeau escalated his peoplekind comment he made in a town hall in Edmonton.

The crazy PM says now pets should be called petkind instead of cat, dog, fish etc…

Trudeau had a interview with New Brunswick Premier Brian Gallant.

Via after the two had a conversation about pets.

“I love my dog,” Gallant reflected. “I love all dogs, and cats, and I certainly wasn’t trying to offend Blaze by calling him a dog. I’m just so confused now.”

The prime minster, in his scolding-yet-somehow-pussyfooting way, told Gallant that all dogs, cats, birds, fish, etc., should be referred to as petkind as opposed to their individual species’ name, as it is a more inclusive term.

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