Vancouver won’t be fooled this year, gas prices to skyrocket April 1

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Regardless of April fools this year, gas prices for Vancouver will surge on April fools day.

Gas prices in Vancouver have continued to rise ever since the Kinder Morgan protest began aggressively, but whether that affected gas prices has yet to be seen.

Via CTV Vancouver:

Victoria drivers will be facing even higher fuel prices come April 1, when new fuel taxes raise the price per litre by 6.5 cents.

British Columbia’s rising carbon tax will add 1.1 cents and the new CRD transit toll will add 5.5, raising the price to $1.56 per litre. 

B.C’s Taxpayers Federation is saying that the tax hikes are “too much,” making for an “outrageous” cost of living.

“April fools! But it’s no joke. Unfortunately drivers in the capital region will be paying some of the highest prices in North America,” said Kris Sims, the director of B.C’s Taxpayers Federation. 

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