Half of Canadians Want to See People Crossing in from the US Deported

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According to a recent poll, more than half of Canadians want to see those who are entering the country illegally deported, especially those entering from the US. The poll also suggests that a similar number of Canadians are not happy with the way in which Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his administration have handled the influx of illegal immigrants who are flowing into Canada. The recently taken poll mirrors the deep concerns that many Canadians have on the future of the country, especially when Trudeau seems to be allowing people into the country illegally from just about everywhere.

There is much talk about how these actions that have been taken by the current administration will eventually lead to the country being less safe, which is a very real concern considering the havoc that refugees have caused in the economy of other European Countries.

Under the Trudeau government, Canada has seen an increase in the flow of refugees from Syria, Somalia and other Middle Eastern countries, and to make things worse, Canada is now witnessing people pouring into the country from the US as well, most of whom are refugees who had entered the US on asylum, but are now looking to pack their bags and make it across the border and into Canada in search for a better future. But, the main problem here lies in the high level of support for legal immigration in Canada.

Something that Trudeau seems to be immensely proud of. What the Prime Minister doesn’t seem to understand that the influx of refugees from other countries is a strain on our own economy, and mainly means that Canadians end up having to foot the bill when it comes to providing food, clothing and accommodations for the refugees that are being allowed into Canada, thanks to Trudeau.

With the growing number of refugees now entering from the US, besides the refugees that are entering Canadian soil from elsewhere, it seems like the country is at war on two fronts.