Sharia Law in North America, it’s real

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Is selling your 15-year-old daughter for $20,000 Sharia Law?

That’s what happened in the US, her parents tried to marry off their 15-year-old daughter in exchange for $20,000, but the teen refused, and their parents threw hot oil on her.

Via The National Post:

Sometime in mid-2017, Maarib Al Hishmawi’s parents told her they had found a man for her to marry.

Soon, he would pay the family $20,000, they said, according to investigators. After that, 15-year-old Maarib would move to another city and be his bride.

When Maarib balked, her parents insisted – violently. They beat her with broomsticks, Bexar (Texas) County Sheriff Javier Salazar said. They choked her “almost to the point of unconsciousness.” They threw hot oil on her.

The only way to make the violence stop was to relent – or to at least make her parents think she had.

Maarib said she would go through with the marriage. But as her wedding date neared, she was working on a plan. On Jan. 30, Maarib walked out of Taft High School in San Antonio and disappeared.

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