Trudeau’s support in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba now labeled as “dead zone” for the Liberals

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The Trudeau Liberals fall to third place in a new Ipsos poll in the province of Ontario.

The middle class and women move towards the conservative government in the poll.

But what would Kevin O’Leary say? “You’re dead to me”

That goes the case for Justin Trudeau when it comes to Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Via Global News.

The Conservatives enjoy a huge lead in the country’s most popular province, Ontario, where they enjoy 42 per cent of the decided vote. The NDP are second with 27 per cent, and the Liberals third just one point behind. Bricker puts the Ontario numbers down to “probably a combination of what’s happening provincially, but also people’s reactions to the federal government’s positions generally have swung over to the Conservatives.”

In each of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, over half of respondents said they’d vote Conservative, with Bricker labeling the prairies a “dead zone” for the Liberals.

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