Canadian seniors choosing to take their own lives rather than become homeless

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This story goes beyond my will to continue the fight against the Trudeau government, what has to be done before homeless Canadians get help first?

Vancouver seniors are willing to take their own lives because they can’t afford to live normally, you could blame many things on this, for example, the carbon tax means higher gas prices and higher gas prices means empty wallets.

Via ThinkPOL:

More seniors are being pushed into homelessness because they can’t afford the city’s high cost of living or find a safe shelter, says the head of a seniors’ non-profit organization.

Anthony Kupferschmidt, executive director of the West End Seniors’ Network, said many seniors in Metro Vancouver rely on low fixed incomes such as old age security pensions and benefits which do not keep up with rising rent prices.

“We see older adults who have to choose between paying their rent, electrical bills, food and medications,” Kupferschmidt said. “How do you choose between the medications that might keep you healthy and having a roof over your head? Some develop mental health issues or choose to take their lives – rather than become homeless.”

Kupferschmidt said the City of Vancouver’s homeless counts aren’t even close to capturing the number of seniors. This is because they may be sleeping on couches of friends or others. He also said the city needs to design shelters that are appropriate for them to sleep in.

“There are many older adults who cannot get up on a top bunk to sleep in at a shelter,” Kupferschmidt said. “Oftentimes, shelters are not perceived as safe places to sleep and stay in – even by younger people. Older adults feel threatened or unsafe in environments where theft and drug use have happened.”

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