Canada could be the first Country to Carbon Tax burger because it has meat

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The Canadian government has been very aggressive by implementing carbon tax across the country, targeting middle class Canadians.

Other countries are not so fast, but carbon tax junkies are calling for a meat tax because because when cows poop, they release carbon into the atmosphere.

Via Financial Post:

Demands to tax meat — and in particular beef — to fight climate change is a topic of great interest these days. In the past few months, writers at The Atlantic, The New York Times, The Guardian, The South China Morning Post and a host of other media outlets have all been pushing the need to make your next cheeseburger or T-bone steak far more expensive for the sake of the environment.

And it’s not just pundits. A report released last December by the British-based investment advisory group FAIRR said, “It is highly probable that over the medium to long term some form of taxation on meat products will be implemented,” and drew comparisons between a possible beef tax and decades of tobacco taxation. A French academic study published this year recommends a 41-per-cent tax on beef specifically to fight climate change. An article from Canada’s EcoFiscal Commission similarly suggested that tax on beef 40 or 50 cent per kilogram. “Making the price of beef reflect its environmental cost is sensible ecofiscal policy,” it reports.

Proponents of meat taxes are fond of telling us that a third of all greenhouse gas emissions worldwide are a result of agricultural production, with the greatest share coming from cattle. In Canada, for example, nearly half the agricultural sector’s total emissions are due to cows, mostly as a result of methane gas expelled from either end of the animal’s digestive tract. But are burps and flatulence from beef cattle really problems that require a carbon tax?

The Trudeau government seems to listen to carbon tax junkies, will he implement a tax on meat? If history repeats itself, it could happen.