Trudeau government spends $1M per year dining in the US

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The Trudeau government spends twice as much as the previous Harper government did on dining in the US.

In attempts to bribe the US in trade deals, Trudeau has taken drastic measures.

Via The National Post:

Across all of Canada’s outposts to the U.S., spending has doubled to more than $1 million per year.

Under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, diplomats at the Canadian embassy in Washington, D.C., are spending twice as much on hospitality, with the tab rising to $274,000 per year, up from $135,000. At the consulate general in New York, it’s almost three times as much, increasing to $170,000 from about $67,000. And at the Los Angeles mission, four times as much money is going toward hospitality than did during the previous government, rising to about $99,000 annually, up from approximately $28,000.

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