Trudeau government to spend $280,000 to find out why oil and gas sector is failing

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Justin Trudeau and his team of misfits have gone nuts.

A new report suggests the federal government will spend $280,000 for a study to find out why Canada’s oil and gas sector is falling behind.

Here’s the $280,000 answer: CARBON TAX.

Via CTV:


The federal government plans to spend up to $280,000 for a new study on Canada’s competitiveness in the oil and gas industry as investment lags and the United States offers new incentives for companies to move south.

An advance contract award notice, prepared by Natural Resources Canada and made public on Wednesday morning, puts the call out for an outside supplier to do the work, with international consulting firm Wood Mackenzie identified as the preferred candidate.

The document uses unusually stark language to describe the current state of affairs in the Canadian energy sector, noting that investment in our oil and gas industry fell by over 50 per cent between 2014 and 2016.

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