Trudeau says it’s good for Canada that RCMP officers wear Turbans

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Justin Trudeau wants a more diverse Canada, and he’s been successful at it some would argue. But others say it’s all fake, he’s a fake feminist.

Trudeau says it’s a plus for Canada that RCMP members will wear a turban.

Via MG:

He did not shy away from the question, saying when it comes to police officers wearing turbans or hijabs, the RCMP — a force under federal jurisdiction — has proven it can be done.

In fact, it has been a plus, the prime minister said.

“You know very well my perspective on this,” Trudeau said. “The RCMP has allowed this for years, and it allows the force to resemble more the community that it serves.

“It’s a plus for the RCMP.”

Asked if Montreal’s police force should allow turbans and hijabs while on duty, Trudeau was cautious: “These are decisions for the police forces to take.”

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