It’s a shame for Canada when CNN and BBC make fun of Canada’s leader

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The two most left-wing fake news websites in the world are making fun of Justin Trudeau, and that’s why his poll numbers are dropping like a rock.

Many also think Trudeau dropped in the polls because of the India trip.

Via Hannity:

“All of a sudden, we saw this drop,” said the chief executive of Abacus Data, an Ottawa polling firm. “It’s the first time since Trudeau became prime minister that we have results showing the Conservatives slightly ahead.”

The survey suggests many Canadian voters were turned off by Trudeau’s trip to India; where he wore “traditional” attire many said was “insensitive” and “inappropriate.”

“When you have foreign media like CNN and BBC making fun of our prime minister, that was jarring for some people and made people question whether he was the best person for the job,” the analyst added.

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