BREAKING: Open Letter To Premier John Horgan, SHARE ALL OVER

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The following letter was written and directed to Premier John Horgan by Phil Alberda.

Premier Horgan :

I will not include my thoughts as to whether the British Columbia government and protestors are breaking any laws regarding the Kinder Morgan Pipeline this matter being before the courts and my thoughts really have little to no impact and this is not an area that I have any expertise.

However, I find it hard to take the British Columbia government and these protesters that they are doing this for the right reason.

Perhaps you may convince me otherwise. If the government and protestors are truly concerned about the water, environment and marine life other things should be protested, cancelled or have operations ceased. For the purpose of this letter I will not mention them all but just some that are the easiest for the general public to observe and decide if what I mention is correct.

First, the Vancouver and Victoria airport should cease operations. Planes flying at low altitude over the ocean produce noise pollution, the chemicals and fuels used to keep the aircraft and airport facility operational could leak into the ocean. I see this as being a large risk to the water because there is lots of airplanes and human interaction with these items therefore an increase of an uncontrolled spill.

The next environmental concern that should be eliminated, all ports, terminals and ferry operations should cease as well. These places and traffic all have hydrocarbons, have a risk of colliding with marine life, or other marine vessels, and have again human interaction with them. Sea containers litter the ocean (we have all seen the pictures, and the contents are not always known). The risk of automobiles falling off ferries is also a risk (these definitely have hydrocarbons). The only marine vessels that should be allowed in this area would be either wind or human powered (gear box lubrication would have to be some type of natural non-polluting lubricant). This type of traffic should cause a very minor risk to the marine life and environment.

The proposed new LNG pipeline and terminal should be canceled in addition to risk that have already been discussed LNG is Liquified under pressure. Should a pipeline leak occur the lower pressure on the outside of the pipeline cause the product to boil and evaporate very quickly to turn to gaseous state. This is dangerous on 3 levels. The pressure that this will be leaking can cause damage to the environment and any source of life nearby as it is very power full and any release allows hydrocarbons right in to the atmosphere, the gas can cause asphyxiation due to the lack of oxygen near the leak, and the last item is that the gas could become ignited or could cause an explosion should it be contained at atmospheric pressure with right mixture of oxygen.

Any untreated sewage must not be released into the ocean or any water body. This can be toxic to the environment and any diseases can infect the marine life that then when this is consumed by animals or humans can cause diseases that affect life or possibly cause death in a few cases.

A non-environmental item that I will mention is any form of a Public Private funded project is also now at risk of getting investment. I am a small business owner, so I would probably never get involved in these types of projects as an investor, but as a business minded individual I have concerns. Why would I risk my investment in something where I may never get a return on my investment? The federal government approved the Kinder Morgan project, but the British Columbia provincial government is bowing to the protestors. So as a potential investor why would I invest money that may be held up for years while the courts decide if the project should move forward or risk the project getting cancelled and losing my money. I understand the officials are elected, and these protestors are potentially the voters. I do not believe they speak for a majority of British Columbia residents but right now they are the loudest. Perhaps some type of a plebiscite or provincial vote should be held to determine if a majority of the residents would like this project to happen.