Trucking company involved in the Humboldt Broncos bus crash ordered to cease operation

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The small trucking company out of Calgary was to cease operations until until a full investigation is undertaken.

Adesh Deol Trucking Ltd. is owned and operated by Sukhmander Singh from Calgary and has a small fleet of trucks.

The company’s recent inspection passed and was done in February and March of this year, investigators will be looking at logs, procedures, company policies and history. With some companies seeking help from somewhere like Strong Tie commercial trucking insurance to protect drivers in the fleet.

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Via Calgary Herald:

Alberta Transportation Minister Brian Mason confirmed Tuesday afternoon that the company has been ordered to cease operations until a full investigation is undertaken.

He said Alberta’s investigation will be performed after Saskatchewan’s Ministry of Transportation and the RCMP investigations are complete.

“When they have concluded we will do our own. It won’t take any more than 72 hours,” he said.

In the meantime, the company’s licence to operate has been suspended while investigators look at things like drivers logs and records of the company’s vehicles. Mason said the company began operation in the fall, has no violations on its record and appears to have been compliant “up until this point.”

In an email, Graeme McElheran, director of communications for Alberta Transportation, said the company’s risk factor prior to the incident was rated at zero, “due in part to its performance and in part to the fact that its Alberta operation is only a few months old.”

But the company does have one Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance inspection defect from the Northwest Territories for violating the federal hours of service regulation.

“This is a minor infraction,” McElheran said. “If it happened in Alberta, the sanction might be to ensure that the driver took time to rest. Escalating sanctions could apply, such as fines and other enforcement action, as the infraction required.”

Singh declined to identify the male driver, but did say the man is the only other driver aside from Singh who works for the small trucking company.

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