Trudeau could step down as early as June 2018

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Canada’s government is currently irrelevant, his stance on Kinder Morgan makes Canada without the rule of law.

The rule of law states that not one provincial government cannot prevent another provincial government from earning revenue when it’s approved by the federal government, if that makes any sense.

That’s the case with the BC and Alberta pipeline dispute, the federal government approved the Kinder Morgan line which runs into BC, but since the federal government approved it, BC has no jurisdiction over it, and must allow construction to begin.

BC has managed to halt construction on the project.

But there’s no rule of law because the federal government is doing nothing to get BC to back off, therefore, Trudeau becomes a make-believe government, meaning he is irrelevant.

So Trudeau must resign, but why June of this year? Because it is my birthday month. That would be great.